How does the Maven Super Recruiter Program work?

Think of the Maven Super Recruiter Program as an affiliate program. As a partner, you get paid to help us grow our network of experts and refer people to active projects. 

Maven’s full-service platform makes the referral process simple and seamless for you. From the built-in referral functionality and easily housing your contacts, to real-time access to the latest open projects and simple payout process, we have your covered - and supported - for success. 

  1. Apply Here
  2. Upon approval, you will receive a welcome email with tools to help you get started. 
  3. Leverage your network to refer others to Maven with your personalized links. Here are the different referral methods for maximum earnings:  
    • Upload contacts and invite to your Maven network. 
    • Refer to open projects on the bulletin board. 
    • Refer to new projects - you will get real-time alerts via email. 
    • Refer to priority projects - you will get special incentive alerts via email. 
  4. Get paid for referring as our partner! Learn more about Referral Commissions here.