I am getting too many project invitations. How do I slow things down?

First, congratulations on being so popular! Clearly there is some very compelling content in your profile and our system is matching you to many customer requests. However, if it’s just too much to handle, here are some tips for slowing things down:

    1. First, make sure you do respond to EVERY invitation. By declining those for which you are not appropriate, our system will learn more about your capabilities and avoid targeting you for unsuitable topics.

    2. Next, carefully review your profile and remove content that is old or no longer applicable. For example, perhaps you are receiving invitations to consult on a topic on which you had experience several years ago, but no longer feel qualified to discuss. In this case, you should try to remove some of the details of that past experience from your profile.

    3. While you’re reviewing your profile, check to make sure you didn’t go “keyword crazy” when you set it up. There is such as thing as “too much” detail!

    4. Finally, feel free to contact us for some advice on your specific situation. We might be able to provide some insight regarding why you are being targeted so frequently and help you to reduce unwanted invitations.