I completed a survey, but my responses were not accepted. Why?

There are several reasons why responses may not be accepted on a survey or market research study. First, it helps to understand our review process. Survey responses are reviewed for quality and ethical standards set by Maven and our clients. This step is important to ensure we provide our clients the most accurate data set with the highest integrity for their research. 

We have found the most common reasons why responses are not accepted is due to one or more of the following: 

  • Misrepresenting your professional expertise or lacking the knowledge of the survey subject matter. 
  • Misrepresenting your name, employment or location. 
  • Submitting low-quality answers to open-ended questions, such as gibberish, short or unthoughtful responses, profanity or omitting answers altogether. 
  • Speeding through the survey so quickly there is little confidence the answers submitted were accurate, thoughtful and high-quality. 
  • Selecting the same row of answers through one or multiple grid questions to quickly finish the survey. 
  • Inconsistently answering similar questions across the entire survey.

In summary, please only accept consulting opportunities which align with your professional background, follow the instructions provided, and submit high-quality responses. For tips on taking surveys to ensure a better chance of your responses being accepted in the future, please refer here