How do I prevent my profile from being viewed by those who I don’t wish to see it?

Maven automatically hides certain personally-identifiable information in your profile. This includes your name, the name of your current employer, and your photograph if you provide one. These settings are adjustable, meaning you can elect to display personal information if you like.

Maven also hides your complete profile from individuals who work for the same company as you. By default, you will not be targeted by our platform for consulting interactions requested by other people at your company. Again, this setting is adjustable, but unless you authorize us to display your profile to your employer, we will prevent unwanted snooping by your coworkers.

You may also elect to prevent your profile from being viewed by others you designate, either on an individual or company-wide basis.

Finally, you have the option to activate a Maven “Public Profile.” This is a special version of your Maven profile that is visible to the general public (including search engines) without logging into Maven and it does display personally-identifiable information such as your name and current employer. By default, your Public Profile is turned OFF; only you can activate it. Click here for more information about Maven Public Profiles.