One of your customers called me directly. I never received an invitation to consult with this customer, and the request isn’t listed on my Dashboard. How did he get my contact information?

Our customers should NEVER contact you outside of the Maven platform, and Maven will NEVER give out your personal contact information to anyone without your specific permission. Such unsolicited inquiries are unacceptable. We assure you that the customer did not receive your phone number from us. Furthermore, if you never received an invitation to consult from our system then there is no Consultation scheduled. Maven does not compensate participants for Interviews that take place outside of our platform, so if you agree to consult directly with the customer you will not receive credit or payment from Maven.

In this case, you should politely inform the customer that they need to submit a formal request via Maven for an Interview with you. After you have received and accepted the invitation, the Interview will be scheduled via our automated system.