How do I view the results of my consultation inquiry?

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    Harry FitzHerbert
    Where do I find the log that shows the result of a consultation inquiry I have completed?
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    Josie Keenan

    You may find the log of completed consultations in your Maven Dashboard - Control Panel - History.

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    Robin Elkins

    Dear Maven,

    I am a consultant with Maven. The Topic I am asking about has NOTHING to do with the Topics You have Listed in HELP.
    Instead, I would like to know if I can use an alternate means of Payment account, instead of PayPal? This would be such as my Company's Business Bank Account, via Wire Transfer (T/T).
    If so, then I would accept the Invitation for consultation about Batteries. The reason for this, is that I have problems with PayPal.

    Please Advise.

    Thank You kindly,
    *********************************** LASEROB !!
    Mr. Robin Keith Elkins, CEO
    ELK Industries, LLC
    221 West Hibiscus Blvd.
    Melbourne, Florida 32901
    United States of America
    PH: 321 610-1680
    FAX: 321 723-2739

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    Josie Keenan

    Hi Robin, you may find information regarding how you may be paid in our Payment Policy ( In short: our payment partner, GoBold, presently offers to transmit your payment electronically by either ACH (within the USA) or by PayPal. Hope this helps!

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    Randolph Tom

    Dear Maven-
    I have not been able to access your payment partner site, Gobold, as the link you send me to is Velo, which then, in turn, ask me to log in to set up an account as a recipient.
    Yet, when trying to establish an account, I am sent to the Google Search site, which I no value. I find this all quite odd in terms of processing payment but would appreciate your help as I complete this short-term assignment several months ago and am frustrated by the inability to complete this transaction as directed. Thanks.
    R. Tom
    Managing Member
    Dynasty Capital Services LLC

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    Inderjeet Pal

    Dear Mavan,

    It has been almost 1 month, I participated in multiple survey and submitted but I have not heard back about result of of my submitted survey. Please update me accordingly.

    Inderjeet Pal
    SAP Principal Consultant..