Do you really pay these Referral Commissions?


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    Dr. Angela DiMartino, BHB, DC

    How do I get paid

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    Sakhawat Ali

    when you start commission i still wait

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    Sakhawat Ali

    we became member and when you forward commission

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    Ram B. Upadhyay

    I am an Expert on Mining, Excavation work and Safety and got registered with MAVEN long back but did not get any offers through it. May I expect any offer on my expertise in near future ?

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    Stephie Pahlavi Zan

    I never received a penny after referring all my networks that could connect.
    I have over 25,000 direct contacts on Linked-In, 5,000 on Facebook......but then I own approx. 10 groups also. I am a brand. But none the less.......ignored.
    Also ripped off.
    You STOLE MY CONTACTS!!!!!!!!
    I KNOW for a fact.......who joined that I invited.

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    Josie Keenan

    To get paid, you must first request payment by going to your Maven Profile - Account - Payment Information - Request Payment. Learn more here:

    You will earn commissions when someone you refer successfully completes a project. You can learn more here:

    To ensure you get invited to the most opportunities possible, we would encourage you to make sure that your profile is complete and filled with keyword-rich content specific to your expertise. Your Knowledge Summary is an excellent place to describe your full professional background and expertise, including multiple areas you may feel knowledgeable about. This will let our system track and invite you to a variety of relevant opportunities. Additionally, you are encouraged to keep checking the Bulletin Board and our Social Media for the most recent project updates that may be of interest to you or you may find that you have a colleague to refer.

    I hope this helps to answer your questions!