Why should I refer others to Maven? Are you trying to steal my contacts? What’s in it for me?

We would never steal your personal contacts from you, and we are committed to compensating you for introducing other smart people to us. Specifically, for every new person that joins Maven as a result of an invitation from you, we will pay you Referral Commissions equal to 10% of their total earnings from Maven consulting interactions for the first year after they join. Furthermore, if you refer someone for a specific customer inquiry (either via a consulting invitation you received or via the Bulletin Board) and that person successfully participates in that interaction, we will pay you a one-time bonus Referral Commission equal to 50% of what they earn for that interaction.

Some Maven participants have earned thousands of dollars just through our referral program alone!

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    Stephie Pahlavi Zan

    I have referred over 40,000 invitations.
    I have a following on the internet.
    There are so many people in Maven who I invited and they joined.
    I never saw a penny.
    It is simply a method to steal my contacts!
    I have zero
    You stole my contacts in essence, since I have never been given anything for the masses I turned on to Maven.
    I am angry.

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    Josie Keenan

    You will earn commissions when someone you refer successfully completes a project during the first year after that person joins Maven. If you haven't been informed you've received a commission, then none of your contacts have yet completed a project within the applicable time span. We do not pay a referral commission simply for introducing a contact to Maven; they must actually complete a project on Maven to generate the referral commission.