I believe I am qualified to consult on a topic, but Maven said I'm not. Why?

When our customers submit requests for expertise, they often have very specific requirements regarding the exact level of expertise or perspective they seek. In many cases, they want to speak with someone who lives in a particular geography or has experience with a specific product. Frequently they do not actually want to speak with “experts,” preferring the perspectives offered by less experienced individuals.

If our system informs you that you are not qualified for a particular engagement, it is not intended to mean we believe you lack expertise with the topic. Rather, it simply means that you do not fit the specific profile requested by the customer.

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    Rajesh Varma

    Maven should adopt a more open attitude and let the customer decide if the individual can in some way help. In Ayurveda, we have have been dealing with cartilage repair and bone related issues for centuries, and i wish the customer would have been presented with a different perspective

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    Josie Keenan

    Thank you again for your participation; your continued contribution to Maven projects is greatly appreciated. I'm sorry to hear you were not accepted for the project. Often the client wishes to speak with candidates with very specific qualifications, on very specific topics. The survey disqualification is in no way indicative of the extent of your knowledge and expertise on the topic.

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    Aron Spencer

    Similarly, I exactly matched the requirements specified in the request, but Maven said I was not qualified. Makes me reconsider why I’m here.

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    Christine Nogueira

    My first experience and very surprised with a "not qualified"

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    Maria Todd

    For the second time in less than a month, I was declined as unqualified. How is that possible? I have not qualified on the last few opportunities sent to me. In particular. this one is one in which I have more than 25 years experience, having built over 400 of these organizations, and am the author of the two internationally-published, best selling industry trade books on this topic. If you are going to continue to send me opportunities that are a waste of time to read these, respond promptly, and then tell me I am not qualified when I am perhaps more qualified than most people in the industry. In this specific instance, I've built them, marketed them, operationalized them, contracted for them with third-party payers for over 25 years, and even served as Executive Director (Interim) for a few of them and then trained my successors. What part of that is less than what this client wants? But did I get to share that expertise and qualifications before being rudely informed that I don't qualify? NO!

    If this is going to continue to be a waste of my time and interrupt my most productive work hours, just let's part company. It's not working for me. GLG sends me opportunities, books, and pays. It's been years of this time wasting with Maven. If you can't improve, I quit.

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    James Schmidt

    So if you click the wrong checkbox you get disqualified with no recourse to make a correction.. Maybe that's been my issue in life, thinking that at times things aren't black or white but sometimes grey.