I received an invitation to consult, but your system won’t allow me to accept it without going through the identity verification process. Why?

In order to prevent fraud and reassure our customers that they are speaking with “real people,” we require all Maven participants to go through the identity verification process prior to accepting an invitation to consult.

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    Arnold Maltz

    I have an invitation but can't seem to login, even after resetting password. What next?

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    Stephen Nichols

    Were you about to resolve this issue? You seem to have 2 Maven accounts, and that could be the source of the confusion (try both). Please email us at info at maven.co if you need further assistance.

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    Richard Whitehead

    I have an invitation with a request to verify and it won't verify me....?

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    Frances Harder

    The verification is very odd! You have information about houses we owned in Colorado but have since sold. You have part correct information and part incorrect and I do not like this process!