Why do I need to write a Knowledge Summary? Isn’t my resumé enough?

Your Knowledge Summary is the single most important part of your profile. It is the first – and often only – thing our customers will read about you. Your Knowledge Summary outlines who you are, what you do, and what you know in a clean, narrative format that is faster and easier to read than a resumé. A well-written, succinct, specific, and detailed Knowledge Summary can make the difference between being invited to consult or passed over in favor of another Maven.

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    Tim Cashman

    my time is vauable, and not allowing a simple cut and paste in your system is poor policy

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    Earl Cuarteros, MPH

    The box keeps telling me "cannot contain names" I've practically erased my name and it still tells me the warning. I've done this numerous times and I've altered it in many ways. Can this be fixed? I've even removed some of the companies I've worked for but then it says I should include companies I've worked for... not really sure what's wrong with the system.