How does Maven work?

Knowledge seekers (“customers”) submit inquiries to Maven outlining their questions and challenges. The Maven platform analyzes each request, selects participants (“Mavens”) who might have appropriate expertise or be connected with others who do, and sends the selected Mavens invitations to consult. The invited Mavens review the details of the inquiry and decide whether to apply for consideration or refer others who are more suitable.

Interactions come in many forms, including Electronic Surveys, Telephone Consultations, Workshops & Seminars, Research & Analysis, and In-Person Engagements. Depending on the specific form, the duration of the engagement can range from a few minutes to several hours, days, weeks, or even months! Regardless of which form an interaction takes, Maven handles all of the relevant logistics, including legal agreements and billing/payment arrangements, so the customers and Mavens can get to work right away.

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    Captain Woody

    As a Maven consultant, we receive 100% of our hourly rate? I could find no reference to a Maven Co. commission on our rate.

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    Jim Cross

    Jim Cross

    What fee does Mavin charge?

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    Robert Coots

    Same questions, please

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    Marlon Weems
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    Phillip Livingston

    Yes, same question as above please.

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    Kristi Sayles

    What fees do you charge?

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    Josie Keenan

    Maven does not charge any fees to consultants. You will receive your full hourly rate multiplied by the amount of time spent with the Client, otherwise the flat fee offered for a Survey.

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    Alan Zucker

    average maven rate ?

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    Katie Conner

    what do we do to start working? How do we receive phone calls or begin with consulting>

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    Susan Jayne

    Same as Above how do we start getting work

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    Stephen Nichols

    Maven connects you with its customers who may need your specific experience and knowledge. If a customer has an inquiry relevant to your profile, you will receive a consulting invitation from Maven by email. You can learn more here: Thank you for using Maven!

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    briyan kelly

    How it is working and how they charges for their services

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    Charles Harrison

    I know that maven connects you with its customers who may need your specific experience and knowledge.

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    Jake Ostin

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