How do I get paid?

Once the balance on your Account has reached $25 or more, you can request payment from Maven via your Profile page. Please review Maven’s Payment Policy for more information on types and timing of payments.


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    paolo quitadamo


    I've got a current balance of 190 euros but when I request payment via paypal the website crashes. Can you help me?

    Kind regards,

    Paolo Quitadamo

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    Scott Barnes

    Hello, I have been trying to receive a payment for many months now, it never arrives and no one responds to questions. Is this service no longer legit?

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    Jeanmarie Donovan

    Hello, I completed a consultation, but did not receive payment. Can you please follow up?

  • Avatar
    Scott Maddox

    Seems to be a common theme - I too have yet to receive a payment even after requesting it from my account. Maybe it is time to report Maven to our States Attorney General?

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    Britta Gooding

    no payment here either

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    Josie Keenan

    In order to receive payment, you must first request your payout. You may do so by going to Profile - Stats Column - Current balance (click on the amount), OR by going to Profile - Account - Payment Information - Request Payment.

    We currently use Bold for payment processing. Once you request payment, you will receive an email from Bold to set up your account. Please note that there is a 3-week window from the time of initial request to final payment processing. If you have questions about this process or the timeliness of your request, please email and we will help you to receive your payout.

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